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If you didn't know, I got hitched this past May! Yipee! My husband and I were lucky enough to meet our photographer, Julianna Boehm, at our annual city yard sale-how awesome is that? It's pretty awesome. She and her side kick, Mandy, did a kick-ass job. We couldn't have asked for a better pair. I finally finished editing the gorgeous photos and here are some of our favorites!  




Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. I decided to decorate the dining table with some items/linens that I plan to use for our wedding reception.

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson.



std card

Ok-I really couldn't resist the title for this post. Sorry. It is Friday night, after all!

So, anyhow, check out our save the date post cards I designed for my wedding! They are hot off the press-I just picked them up this evening. I really am in love with the design and am so glad that I stuck to one of my original ideas instead of convincing myself to go with something more traditional and less corky. There are so many things about this wedding that are non-traditional, including our actual relationship (Freddy and I are 11 {and some change} years apart), so hell-why not be corky and create something that fits you as a couple instead of going along with the norm? Am I right!?!? 

So you might be wondering the reasoning and story behind this out-of-the-norm post card design... Well, my fiance is going to school for electronics and is crazy about anything and everything electronic related, hence the robots.  Also-there is a slight history of robot building that runs in my family. My uncle has actually built several robots from scratch. The barn in the middle represents the barn that Freddy and I are to be wed in. The separate hills with us upon them represents us as being apart and trying to reach each other. Once we are wed and it is time for the thank you cards to go out, I plan on designing a cute little card where we are shown side by side, holding hands and having finally reached each other to 'share our love'. I know. Corny. :) 

Everything about this design was created by hand which is something that I hardly ever see that, in itself, is special. It is unique in it's aesthetic and no-one has ever used this design before and for this reason, it holds a lot of value to me. The line work was drawn with a black Precise V5 Extra Fine Rolling Ball pen. The color that you see was achieved by using a cheap children's water color set in combination with Wilton icing coloring pigments

Oh-and I couldn't be more please with the print quality, either! The post cards are really pretty close to being as vibrant as you see in the picture. This is the second time now that I have used Seemless Design for my post card print needs and I am very pleased with both experiences-so check them out! Also, I forgot to mention, they have a really quick turn around. These 180 cards were printed in less than 24 hours and only cost me $32.00 after taxes. Way to go Seemless! 

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson.



round & round I go

Oh my goodness! I have been back and forth in circles with these save the date cards for our wedding! I can't seem to wrap my head around what I want, or what would be appropriate. I have a couple of really fun, playful ideas about the design, but I have been worried because it won't match the tone and setting of the actual invitation, RSVP card, etc. It's taken me a month to just finally decide that these cards are not going to match, and that is that. I have actually stooped to flat out asking Google about it, and Google has spoken. Google says no. So there, it is settled. 

Anywho-these are a few sketches from one of the ideas I had...not 100% sure if I am going to go with this idea yet or not. I'm still trying to decide whether or not it is too hoaky-but I was thinking a hillbilly robot love story...? I thought this would be kind of fun because 1) Freddy loves anything and everything that has to do with electronics and 2) We have chosen a barn as our venue, so our wedding with be somewhat country/southern themed. Also-who really needs a reason to portray themselves as robots, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to do that? :)    


Fred & I as hillbilly robots take 1.

Fred and I as hillbilly robots take 2. I like these guys much better, although my face needs some work.

These are some prelim sketches for postcards. Top left-Fred and I dangling from coulds (as robots). Bottom left and top right: Fred and I (as robots) on countryside love and trying to reach eachother! Oh, the drama and suspense! Cheesy and silly, I know. Fun tough? I think yes.



paper goods overload

Woah. The wedding isn't for another (nearly) 11 months and I am already starting to get a bit overwhelmed! For the past few months I have been (hard core) looking at wedding paper goods for inspiration. There. Is. A. Ton. Of. Stuff. Out. There. I am starting to realize that at some point, I just have to stop. I think I have finally hit that point, and I think realizing this will be my first step back towards mental sanity. 

Ok then-so, if you haven't figured it out already, I have decided to do this post on wedding paper goods inspiration (for invitations, RSVP cards, etc.)! Yay. What better way to cap off my research other than posting my findings, right? Right. So here goes...

So these first 3 are my ultimate favorites! I love the detailed illustrations and hand crafted type. I also really like the format of the pieces in the first image...but I am guessing this format will be a bit more pricy on postage. I think I may do something hand drawn like this for our invitations! :)


Alex & Joanna

Loseph & Charlotte

Josephine & James

These are really nice too! Again-the handmade quality of the first 2 is just beautiful. And the 3rd image is beautiful in it's simplicity. And, of course, the brown chipboard used in the 1st and 3rd is awesome! 

Boy & Girl

Laura & Steve

Nella & Thom

More handmade goodies! I especially thought the Ball Jar one was really cute. I think we are going to use jars of sorts as centerpieces for our reception tables. Hey-it's cheap and southern/country! Why not? 

Amy & Jasper

Ball Jars

Holding Hands in the Woods

Bob & Astred



1 year


Well, in exactly 1 year from tomorrow, this is where my fiance and I will be married-the Hayloft Barn! I paid the deposit a month or 2 ago-so this is the real deal. (I know I did a blog post a while back about wanting to do it at the Wiedemann Mansion, but sadly-it is out of our price range.) We have decided to be a bit selfish with this wedding by cutting down the guestlist to about 100 people or less (well-that's all that this place will hold). Doing this, among other things, is going to allow us to take the 2 week Europe trip we have been wanting to go on since before we even got engaged (almost 4 years ago)-and it will allow us to NOT go into debt, which is something that is not that common. I just want to note how crazy this is-but Hamilton County Park Districts isn't even going to charge us a fee to rent the building. They only ask that we spend $600 or so in catered food (we have to use their catering)! How insane is that?

But eeek! I am too excited about this place. I plan on posting stuff from time to time within the next year. I am going to have my hands full, I think. Because I am a graphic designer, and because I am partially crazy, I plan on making and designing all of the print materials myself. Also-pretty much everything else will be handmade too. Gah! So much to do!  



wedding planning...

This is where I want t get married-the Weidemann Hill Mansion! Fred (my fiance) and I went to take a look at this place about a year ago. Out of all the places we visited in our price range, this was by far the most beautiful, elegant, affordable and nontraditional location of all. The interior is fricken amazing-nothing like I have ever seen before in a reception hall. It has vintage wall paper, gorgeous moldings, Victorian furniture, stained glass windows, etc. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Our ceremony would be held on the large wrap around porch that overlooks downtown Cincinnati (Ohio).

So, now that I have a real job, it seems as though the money saving and planning is actually going to move past 1st gear. We have been engaged for 2.5 years now and I haven't even gone dress shopping. Blah! So much to do! I think I am most excited about designing the print materials, though. Project!

Imagery found here.



bird so blue


This is something I hand crafted for my wedding (whenever that may be)! These small boxes would be placed with each place card at our reception. They would contain mine and my fiance's favorite treats inside for the guests to enjoy. The boxes are cheap paper mache boxes purchased from Hobby Lobby. The curly line work was hand drawn by myself with a ball point pen. The fringe on the rim of the lid was purchased at Michales (they often have ribbon on sale for $1.00 a roll) and the small blue bird was also purchased there. Unfortunately, when I went to order more of the birds-the design was discontinued. :( Hopefully by time we really do tie the knot, I will have found something similar to these little country-ish blue birdies. But total cost for these a piece would probably run me about $1.00 each (with the mache boxes and blue birds having been on sale).