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i wish i had made this



So, I can't get enough about this little guy name Marcell. I've only seen 2 videos and have fallen completely in love! He's my inspiration for being content with who I am and enjoying life. 

Guess why I smile a lot? Because it’s worth it.
— -Marcel the Shell



i need a favor

Ok, so, a co-worker sent me a link to this image and I lost it! Ahhh-I love Arrested Development and if you do to, you will understand why this crest is hilarious. Plus-it is beautifully illustrated. The original design was created by Edman Goodrich, aka edman.



a different kind of self portrait

Check out these crazy beautiful and (playful self) portraits! They are by - wait for it - a 16 year old girl named Cristina Otero! According to My Modern Met, she has only 2 years of experience. You can see more of her self portraits on the My Modern Met website. These are some of my favorites because of the composition and vibrancy! 

Imagery found here.



ira glass on story telling

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

What a great inspirational video not only for writers, but for anyone who does work fueled by creativity! What Ira says and speaks about in this video, I think, really hits home for a lot of us creatives. At times, we all feel like our work isn't where it should be, or that we aren't happy with what we have produced-and that is ok.   



50 and 50 prints up for buying!

Good Thursday to you!

Today I want to share with you the 50 and 50 collaboration project-curated by Dan Cassaro. I first heard about this project a couple months ago; Essentially, 50 designers have come together to illustrate their own visual version of the state motto (one designer per state, of course). I just posted some of my favorites below-but please check out the rest of the designs! You won't regret that you did. Also-take a minute to look through the list of contributers/designers of this project...TONS of really cool work!

Oh yeah-and for the best part-these state motto prints are for sales! Hooray! Go here to get one.  


Design by Bobby Mckenna


Design by Curtis Jinkins


Design by Matt Lehmen


Design by Matt Stevens


Design by Josh Brill


Design by Ken Barber


Design by Meg Hunt.



hand drawn type posters

Oh my goodness-check out these beautiful hand drawn type posters. I love the line work-so eye catching! I found these poster designs randomly today while doing research for another project. They are by a designer named Chelsea Edwards-you can check out her website/blog here! Nice work Chelsea! It would be awesome if these designs were turned into screen prints! I would buy all three and hang them in my studio room.




airbnb celebrates growth with a tasty info graphic

Ok, this is really strange but literally minutes after I posted my last entry about, I came across this gorgeous info graphic that was created by Kelly Anderson. Kelly was hired by Airbnb to create this graphic to visualize the company's growth (and to celebrate their 1,000,000th night booked)! It is absolutely beautiful and so easy to digest as far as the readability and general understanding of what you are looking at goes. I think the organization, color and type choices and overall layout is wonderful!

Looking at this makes me hope that Airbnb will update their logo soon, though. I feel like their identity isn't really found in this poster (aside from the same color blue from the logo that is used throughout the graphic). I feel as though had the logo been updated/better designed prior-the identity could have been carried out a bit more within the poster.

On the other hand, I suppose Kelly could have used elements from the logo more to make the poster feel more like Airbnb owned it-BUT-the logo is not well designed and does not feel unique, and this obviously would have a negative effect on the overall design of the poster. I think she made the right choice. Sometimes as designers, we just have to go with what we have and make it work somehow...the best it can be-even if the situation is not 100% ideal.


Here are some detail/macro shots of the graphic:




tasty package and pb!


So I was grocery shopping and came across this cute little packet of Justin's Almond Butter in the super duper healthy organic section in Wal-Mart (you know-the section that is about 3 feet wide and practically non-existent). Now, admittedly, I did purchase this cute little thing because of the awesome design, but also I purchased it because I have been wanting to try almond butter for a while now.

Ok, so back to the design-wow! I love it! Of course-first off-I was drawn to it because of the handmade typographic treatment. Come to think of it-the last package design piece I posted was all organic lemonade product and it also had a strong evidence of the hand design treatment. With that said, I have noticed a lot of packaging using this sort of style. It is becoming more and more trendy not only in package design, but in other areas of design as well.

Secondly, I thought this was a good design piece to share because of the message it sends. It is a quick read-immediately I understood what this food product was. It is straight to the point-nothing flashy...a what you see is what you get type of approach. The back of the package is just as amazing (despite all of the required food nutrition facts, barcode, etc. I love 2 diagrams that instruct you how to handle the packet. They are not contained and feel very free-which reflects the nature of the package in general.

Ok, I think I will go try this butter of the almond now. Happy day!



information design wowza

Just some background-the contest basically is what it says-you can click here for a more in depth description of guidelines, etc. for the contest. Ok, so-WOW. I am thoroughly impressed with the 2 designers that created this redesign for the IRS website. I don't think I will critique this one because as far as I can see-everything has improved with the new version compared to the old. Overall, it is more user friendly, it has a much greater sense of hierarchy, the data is nicely organized and distributed, the color actually makes sense and coordinates with the layout, etc. It is just a great design. So check it out. Now. These kids deserve the attention. Click here to see the whole thing.