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cincinnati gem

Just this past weekend, I went to Laural Court with my grandmother on one of the Christmas Lights tours! If you live in the Cincinnati area, or are visiting, do check it out! It was well worth the $12.00 and the tour lasted about an hour. Never heard of Laurel Court? That's ok-here are few fun facts:

The founder of Champion Coated Paper Company, Peter G. Thompson, had this mansion built. It was designed by architect James Gamble Rogers and took nearly 5 years to complete construction. It has a total of 36 rooms (I believe that includes rooms such as bathrooms and closets, too) and it covers almost 20,000 square feet! Aside from a full time gardner in the summer, the owners (Judy and Larry Moyer) take care of this place all by themselves!  

Image found here.

I believe this room (above) is considered to be a bedroom, but is currently used for other purposes. When the owners host weddings here, it is used as a dressing room for the bridal party. 

Railing on the second floor. 

This music room is coated in gold leaf! 

Check out that moulding and woodwork. Simply amazing. I can't imagine how hard something like this would be to create back in the early 1900's. 

The walls of this room are lined with African Rosewood paneling. 

This open roofed room/covered patio room/atrium was built into the very center of the house. I can imagine spending long rainy nights in there...watching and listening. 

This mosaic piece looked as though it was built into/assembled on top of the brick wall. I would venture to guess it has been there since the birth of the house.

What would you do with yourself if this were your backyard? I think I would throw galas all summer long! 

Crazy awesome sculpture by the gardens. 

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson (unless stated otherwise).

This beautiful home is saturated with breathtaking aesthetic detail, beauty, character and history. It is a real gem of Cincinnati and I am so happy that it is being cared for and made avaliable for the public to see. What a great experience it was to walk the halls of this 114 year old home!



50 and 50 prints up for buying!

Good Thursday to you!

Today I want to share with you the 50 and 50 collaboration project-curated by Dan Cassaro. I first heard about this project a couple months ago; Essentially, 50 designers have come together to illustrate their own visual version of the state motto (one designer per state, of course). I just posted some of my favorites below-but please check out the rest of the designs! You won't regret that you did. Also-take a minute to look through the list of contributers/designers of this project...TONS of really cool work!

Oh yeah-and for the best part-these state motto prints are for sales! Hooray! Go here to get one.  


Design by Bobby Mckenna


Design by Curtis Jinkins


Design by Matt Lehmen


Design by Matt Stevens


Design by Josh Brill


Design by Ken Barber


Design by Meg Hunt.



design sponge book release

I know that I have mentioned the fabulous blog Design Spongeon here before, but if you haven't heard of it yet and enjoy doing anything creative or DIY related, please check it out! With that said, Grace Bonney, creator, is releasing a new book called Design Sponge at Home! You can watch the book trailer below and if you like what you see, you can pre-order a copy. I wouldn't mind having a copy for myself!

Design Sponge at Home (Official Book Trailer) from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.



beautiful information

Image found here.

W.O.W. Nicholas Feltron drops my jaw every time I see his newly designed annual reports. He is able to swallow massive chunks of information like they are aspirin, and that is awesome. Everything about these reports are insanely strategic to the overall design-the hierarchy with the type, the minimal use of color, the way line and texture are applied in different instances, and last but not least-the actual information being displayed. Not only are the reports beautifully crafted, they hold your interest too. It's crazy to see how many beers, for example, one has consumed over the course of a year's time.



if I ever do


Images found here.

Over the past few years, I have been thinking more and more about getting a tattoo. Who knows if I will really ever do it but if I did-I think I would want this guy-Yann-to do it. His use of line work is amazing. I dont know anything about this kind of body art-but-I can imagine that his line work takes mass skills to do. And-besides the craft of the line work-the imagery, composition, subject matter, use of color, etc. is extremely compelling! Awesome work. Unfortunately, it appears as though his shop is located in Canada. Check out Yann's website by clicking here.