It's been a while since I've done a watercolor sketch. Too long of a while.

Yesterday, in between coffees, I decided to take a little time out for ol' sketchy. I came across this abstract drawing I did a few weeks ago while in Indy for work. While waiting for clients (in between stage rehearsals), I sketched this out mostly as a means of keeping myself awake. There can be a lot of sitting and waiting when working corporate events, so it's always good to bring something to keep your brain going when needed. I'm glad I had my trusty sketchbook that day, because I really like how this abstract piece turned out. Also, I successfully kept myself awake. :)

I had a little bit of downtime to explore Indy, too. I even got to hang out with my best friend from childhood, which was a lot of fun. Actually, every time I go to Indy, I end up having a lot of fun. What a great city.  

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