Woah. This summer. Pure craziness. However, I did make it through alive and I've got some pretty cool stuff to show for it! 

For the last couple of months, I've worked with my Design and Creative Directors at Iacono Productions to develop a design look for speaker support for the annual Pampered Chef summer conference. Total, there were 4 different sessions I needed to develop a look for. After those designs were pulled together, they were applied to 3D set renders so that the client could get a feel for what these designs would actually look like on stage. Check out these gorgeous set renders created by a CAD designer! 

This is the session 1 design. It was used to kick off the event on day 1. Fresh and summery, eh? 

The design for this one actually changed a couple of days before the session, so it ended up being designed a little bit differently (by someone other than myself) than what you see above. It was used on day 2 in session 2. 

This is session 4 which was used on the last day of the event. 

And this is session 3, designed for the awards Gala. This look was also used on the 2nd day of the event. 

I actually got to travel to Louisville for the event to help with graphics operations, too. It was there that I was able to see my designs come to life in the real world, and it was pretty freaking cool! Check out some of these photos from the event! If I remember right, I think there were about 4,000 or so people who attended! 

This is what the backstage areas looked like. So many cords, wires, monitors, laptops, etc. It's like a command station or something. In case you were wondering what types of stuff I did while on-site, you can see me in the top left of the frame in the picture below...I'm talking or doing something with my hands. I was there watching a seasoned professional (the guy sitting next to me) cue the show in hopes that one day, I'd be able to do the same. Also, I did a lot if designy tweaks and stuff on a laptop. 

That's me up there on the top left, saying god knows what with my hand.