Hello friends! Today, I'm excited to show off some of my newest work! If you've followed me or my work in the past, you may already know that I'm the Graphic Designer for Writer's Digest Magazine! Recently, I've had the opportunity to help turn our print publication into a digitally published app that you can download through iTunes or your app store! (How cool is that?!)

Learning a new tool such as Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was pretty scary at first but after playing around with the software, watching some tutorial videos, and talking with other co-workers who have already morphed their own magazine into a downloadable app - it was pretty fun and interesting! The experience not only added a (saweeeet) new skill to my tool box, but I've also realized that sometimes as a Designer, it's hard to step out of your comfort zone to learn something like a whole new design platform...and that's OK. Discomfort is OK. Exploring unknown territory can be down right terrifying BUT we wouldn't be designers if we weren't out there learning new things and forging through the rubble to create something worth creating. I think we all get comfortable at times and I that's natural. Humans like predictability (at least I do) which is fine here and there but I think unpredictability is also what makes or breaks a successful design career. We need to strive to learn new things, meet new people, and grow our brains. As much as my brain tries to tell me it isn't, being out of your comfort zone is how I learn the best and the most!


Writer's Digest Magazine, November/December 2013 cover.

Writer's Digest Magazine, November/December 2013 cover.

Here are some pages from the Inkwell section of Writer's Digest. 

This is the feature package for the Nov/Dec issue of WD. The feature package of Writer's Digest has a new, fresh design every time an issue is produced. 

These are a couple of columns that run every issue. Breaking In and Your Story.