So, this happened. Fred and I put our brains together (70% Fred brains + 30% Becca brains) and built these mid-century styled dog beds for our fur kids! We got the idea from the peeps over at Our Nerd Home. They have other really kick-ass DIY projects on their site too, so check them out. We didn't follow ONH's suggested measurements but did take their advice on where to buy some of the hardware. Both beds are made out of up-cycled wood scraps and were painted with house paint that we had laying around in the basement, so these pieces were very affordable to make. 


Aside from buying the hardware from Lowe's, I also ordered the {so cute you want to stab your eyes out} fabric from Lisahestore

Lulu's cushion has tiny little matryoshka nesting dolls all over it and Edgar's has little owls. Eeeeek! 

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