I can never quite get enough of travel. I've never thought about why, I've just instinctively known that I loved it, and that was the only reason I've ever needed. As I've gotten older, that's not a good enough answer for me anymore. I feel like I owe it to myself to understand why I like the things I do, so I can make sure that positive mojo keeps coming my way.

Last week, I found out (part of) that answer. Fred and I were on a public transit bus in Puerto Rico. We were traveling from new San Juan to site see in Old San Juan. I sat there and stared at the people riding in the same metal can that I was. In that moment, in some way, I felt a sort of connection with those strangers. I thought about the lady sitting next to me. We were breathing the same air, which at the time seemed pretty amazing to me because we live over 1,5000 miles from each other. I was looking at the same exact streets as the young Puerto Rican father who fed his baby while he waited patiently for his stop. He made me think of how I used to bottle feed my brothers when they were little. I shared a smile with the older lady in front of me who reminded me so very much of my Mamaw Lois, a very special woman my family lost only 3 short months ago. I saw these people and I felt like I understood a part of each of them. Everyone of us on that bus had troubles, laughs, worries, and who knows what else waiting for us at our next destination. In one way or another, all of us are traveling...we all have stops and we're all in this life, together. If you sit down and think about it, that's pretty special. 

The Streets of Old San Juan: Kick-ass molding. Gorgeous tile. Unique architecture. Typography. Alleys. Cobble stone streets. Bright colors. Potted plants. Wrought iron gates and rails. Tall doorways and ceilings. These are the things I loved the most whilst traveling the streets ofOld San Juan.

Touristy shops. Creepers who followed us. Those are the things I liked the least. 


Fort San Felipe del Morro.

Nature life in Puerto Rico

Nature, in general, in Puerto Rico was pretty crazy.  For one thing, there were lizards everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

One thing I really really loved about Puerto Rico was that there were plotted plants all around.  They were around houses, on sidewalks, in front of office buildings, in alley ways, etc. The locals there really find it important to incorporate nature and plant life into their daily lives. It was really, very refreshing. 


They were adorable, but they had some freak feet, so I decided not to touch them. 

During our time in Puerto Rico, we were lucky enough to be able to rent a car to travel an hour away to see El Yunque National Forest. It was there that we saw 2 waterfalls, and we actually even swam in one of them. 

This is my tiny husband in red, Fred, standing in front of La Coca Falls! 

We journeyed a half an hour hike to and from La Mina Falls! It was miserable and hot, but it was so worth the trek. This is what the path looked like. 

La Mina Falls.

The plants and trees in the rainforest were also pretty amazing!  

Beach life in Puerto Rico

Ok, so, doing a post about Puerto Rico is almost impossible without mentioning the gorgeous beaches there. 

This was the beach at Ocean Park, which was 2 blocks from our apartment. 

Another shot of the beach at Ocean Park.

This is a shot taken from a boat of Icaco Island. It was there that we did some snorkeling!

Sketchbook goodies

So, for the past 5 or so weeks, I've been doing a drawing for every day that passes by. I started this for several reasons, really, which I will explain in a later post where I gather all of my drawings and display them together. Anyway, I continued this new tradition while in Puerto Rico and I'm so glad that I did! I'm going to keep this going for every trip I take from here on out. It was really cool to be able to get away from the SLR and iPhone camera and record things by hand. 

All in all, we had a pretty awesome time in San Juan. There were infinite things to do and see there, and everyone we met was so very nice. Oh, and these photos don't even scratch the surface of the amount that I took while I was there, so keep your eye out for more down the road! Happy travels, and happy weekend everyone!