I just read this really wonderful article about the dying art of handwriting. I love how the author compares writing things by hand to going for a walk...that the act of doing it is for enjoyment and enrichment in our way of life... 

Sometimes we open our front doors, and go for a walk in the spring sunshine. We might not get anywhere very far in two or three hours on foot, whereas in three hours by mechanical means you can get to Yorkshire (by car) or Paris (by train) or Istanbul (by air). But on the other hand, you’ve had a nice walk in the spring sunshine for very little expenditure, and you feel better for it.

You feel better for it.  

When my husband and I traveled to Europe last year, we swore the food there tasted better than it does here in America. There was also less of it. People rode bikes everywhere. There were hardly any cars. Homes were most often tiny but those buildings had more character than I could have ever imagined. Quality there seemed to override quantity...and that's what I want for myself, too. 

When was the last time you went for a walk?