I'm coining this past week Adventure Week! 

On Wednesday, I had the entire day to myself! It was quite glorious; I decided to have a couple downtown Cincy style adventures! As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that sometimes you have to step back from everything and enjoy things by yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating lunch solo at a cafe...or going shopping by yourself; I did both of these things on Wednesday, and it felt great!

First, I treated myself to a meal at Taste of Belgium on Vine Street in Downtown, Cincinnati. The food, as always, was scrumptious and the atmosphere was delightful. I then walked a few blocks over to the Ohio Book Store. What a place that is! Wow! So many books-somewhere around 4 or 5 floors worth! 

Ohio Book Store treasures. Yup-that's a vintage issue of Playboy! 

I saw this beautiful mural on my way to and from the Ohio Book Store. 

Aaaaaaaaand the day after that, I met up with my mom and brothers in Newport, KY to poke around the Newport Aquarium. It was so fun! We saw so many different species of fish and sea life. It was really amazing. If you have never been to the Newport Aquarium-go. It's especially great if you have children.

My brother Ryan with his lovely girlfriend Lydia on the left. On the right-my oh so raunchy brothers Brandon and Travis. 

Me with my beautiful Mum on the left. On the right, a grumpy mother and daughter piranha. 

And this is all of us kids. What a good lookin' bunch, eh? 

Oh boy-and then after the day at the Aquarium, Fred and I were off to Lexington, Kentucky! Yay-wedding time! I had plans to visit all of these historic sites but instead, we just decided to go downtown and check out Victorian Square. Also-there was a farmers' market going on, and we couldn't resist checking out that! 

A beautiful map of downtown Lexington map.

A beautiful and massive fountain at Triangle Park. 

My handsome husband and I taking in Triangle Park. 

While heading back to our car, I saw this breathtaking mural. We walked a bit out of our way just so we could snap a few photos. 

I believe this street artist's name is Herakut. Do check out her linked webpage. She has some really beautiful work. I've never seen any other street art like it. 

And finally-the wedding! It was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. The venue was absolutely stunning. The food was cajun and ridiculously delicious. The people we so very friendly and the bride and groom looked phenomenal. 

An exquisite chandelier and ceiling medallion. 

Amanda & Derek gettin' hitched.

They did it!

As if this weekend wasn't packed full of enough crazy awesome stuff-we decided to throw one more thing in there-a visit to a winery! We traveled a bit south of Lexington to the Talon Winery. It was very charming and quaint. Oh-and the wine was delicious! We did a tasting with a co-worker of Fred's and his wife. Do check it out if you are in the area. 

These were taken inside of the Talon Winery. Such a beautiful interior!

This was taken on the way to Talon Winery. The land out there is so beautiful-full of lavish fields and horses.