What a great day yesterday was! First I ran a few errands across the river and had a pretty awesome view of Cincinnati on my way back home. 

After that, we took this little girl (see above) to go have her teeth checked out. She has an adult tooth growing in next to a baby tooth that never fell out...so she will need oral surgery to remove the baby tooth. Despite needing surgery, we were very pleased to learn that other than that-her teeth are in really great shape considering her age and breed/size. 


Later that evening, Fred and I went to a Valentine's Day special open wheel session at Funke Fired Arts in Hyde Park and we had such a good time! The staff members and instructors were so very helpful and fun. Before hand, we purchased a couple of small individual personal boxes wine to sip on while we threw (don't worry-it was permitted that we do so)!  

Ahh! Look at Fred working on his pot! He did quite well and seemed to pick it up pretty well. I, on the other hand, had somewhat of a hard time. 

Check out these shots of the restroom at Funke Fired Arts. I love this line work. Also, I love that it was hand painted. Also, I love the colors. I pretty much love everything about it!

After making pottery, we went (practically) right next door to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. Nommmmms!