Handmade Market part 2 is fast approaching! A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I'd be participating in the market at work and now we are having another one! The first one was a great success. I sold more prints than I thought I would and it was a lot of fun. In spirit of the upcoming holiday festivities, I was asked to put together another flyer that was more fit for the season. This is what came out of it! 

Some of the vector illustrations used throughout this flyer are from fotolia.com.

I was having some trouble with creating a lined drop shadow text (the HANDMADE in red), and my co-worker, Brianna Scharstein, was able to help me out! Thanks pal!


This was my set up/booth at the market! The Robo Heart print series was a big hit, as well as the little fish guys you see on the far right. You can find those items for sale here!