What a busy past few months it has been! My (now) husband and I have just recently returned from our honeymoon trip to Europe! I'm so excited to share these photos with you-as we were fortunate enough to see so many sites and cities!

We began our trip in Brussels, Belgium by staying at 70 Travesiere Bed & Breakfast for 3 nights. It was a beautiful, historic building that oozed charm and history. I don't know that I have ever stayed somewhere as lovely as this place. The decorative detail within was breathtakingly gorgeous-ranging from the moulding to wall paper to the bath tub. It was truly a delight. Check out the photos below! The first photo is of our room in which we slept. Below that are details within and the bottom picture is where Fred and I sat every morning and ate our breakfast of coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, croissants, and chocolate spreads.


We saw this massive structure on our very first day in Brussels. It is an instillation piece that moves through 2 buildings across from each other. It reminded me of a school of fish, or a swarm of bees; moving fast and hard...searching. Although it is stationary, I can imagine in moving and breathing and it swipes through and whips around buildings!

While walking through Brussels one day, we passed this gorgeously detailed church-completely unexpected; we decided to go in and have a look. It is named the Cathedral des Saints Michel and Gudule. I can't fully explain the massiveness of this structure...the only time I ever remember being close to a cathedral at this level of awesomeness was when I was touring Spain back in 2001. You can see more pictures and info here.

This is the Botanical Garden of Brussels. It was about a 10 minute walk from our Bed and Breakfast. There, we saw beautiful bushes, flowers, and trees. There were also many beautiful sculptures and fountains to view. The second picture is of the interior of the dome. It was illustrated with gorgeous abstracted shapes and line work-reflecting that of organic plant life.

The image below is of Brussels Town Hall, located in Grand Place. Our very first night in Brussels, we walked here and had a few drinks at a bar close by. This is the main square for tourists and townspeople alike. The following day, we went back to check out some of the surrounding shops. The Town Hall was built in the 1400's. We heard a story that after construction was complete, the architect threw himself from atop the structure out of embarrassment and humiliation because he made a mistake when building it; Town Hall is of disproportionate size (if you view the building from the front, the right hand wing is actually smaller/it is not as long as the left side). Fred researched it later on and found out that that story was actually just a myth. 

There was no shortage of shops in Brussels. Although we did not go into many of them, I very much enjoyed looking at the lovely window displays.

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson.