After our stay in Brussels, my husband and I made our way to an apartment we rented in De Pijp-Amsterdam. What a trendy little area! You can see photos of the apartment below. It was very small-maybe 500 square feet. It was really neat for us to see and experience how space conservation is a must there. As you can see in the 2nd image down, the cabinet on the right actually contains the stove, microwave, sink and dish-ery!

De Pijp, itself, was such a great neighborhood for visitors such as ourselves to stay in. It wasn't touristy at all and it wasn't in a super busy part of the city but there were plenty of shops and cafes around in case we got hungry. Also-there was an outside market 1 street over called Albert Cuyp. It would open every morning (except for Sundays and holidays). We especially enjoyed  going to this because we were able to shop for food at reasonable prices.  

This was a typical breakfast that Fred and I would make. Pictured here is a sort of herb cheese, sausage (it tasted like a combo of smoked sausage and breakfast sausage), and the most delicious bread we both have ever eaten. Fred bought it from a local bakery called Brood. We were seriously obsessed with this bread. I wish it were in the States.

Aren't we adorable?! We're at Albert Cuyp Markt.

Fred and I were walking through the streets of Amsterdam and we saw several groups of people file in and out of a single door. I thought they were walking into a house of some sort-maybe a museum. We decided to see what was going down and so we went through the door too! When we entered, we were greeted with these beautiful structures, also known as Begijnhof. It was like walking into a secret, tucked away community within Amsterdam.

Isn't this gorgeous!? Can you imagine living in a city where there are just canals everywhere? Unbelievable. We heard from a local that at least 1 car a week goes into one of the canals and as to be fished out!

Ok-for reals. This car is ADORABLE. I am 5'6'' tall if that helps you to understand how tiny this thing is! Baby cars like this were very popular in Amsterdam. This actually isn't the smallest one we saw. I believe we saw 1 other car that was actually slightly smaller than this one-but we didn't have a camera handy. I can completely understand why these would be popular. Very small and easy to park...and I would imagine they are really good on gas too!


We saw the Nemo Science Center from a tour boat. What an awesome structure!

This is the store front of a visual communication/design company called Buro Met. We would walk past this company at least once a day, and it wasn't until maybe the 3rd day that I noticed that all of the hundreds of white marks actually form an object. When I realized it, it was a really cool I saw something that others may have looked over, too. Also-I was just plain impressed.

I had to take a few steps back to be able to fully appreciate the form. The back end of the whale expands the left side.

While in Amsterdam, Fred and I decided to rent bikes and ride away from the city. We traveled from Central Station in Amsterdam to just outside of Landsmeer (north of Amsterdam). I'm not sure exactly how many miles it was one way-but I am guessing at least about 7. By time we returned to Central Station at the end of the day, our butts were super sore. This was probably my most favorite day of the entire trip...quiet and tranquil. We saw some really beautiful homes, lots of nature, and even a windmill. We took our time and went where we wanted to...the rush of the city completely out of our minds.

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson.