As you may already know, I'm gettin' hitched here in a couple of months. I figured why not get a little creative with the print goods that come along with a traditional wedding?

Although this was a personal project for my myself (and my fiance), I tried to treat it as I would a normal design project for a client. This is something my closest friends and family would/will see; I wanted it to accurately reflect myself, my fiance and the event itself.

Normally I would begin the design process by doing research but this was work for me, and so I had the advantage of cutting out that chunk of time; I already know everything there is to know about the event. When beginning this process, I did make special note of certain things:

  • Wedding & ceremony will take place in a rustic barn
  • Near the barn is a small petting farm
  • Fred has a love for nature & I enjoy antique aesthetic
  • The wedding and ceremony will be laid back and somewhat casual
  • A porkopolis dinner will be served at the reception

With these thoughts freshly floating around my brain, I started to map out the different, specific pieces I wanted. I needed an invitation, a wedding reference guide (that housed the directions, parking info, etc.), and the RSVP card. After that, it was on to type lock-ups for each piece. When I had some rough type layouts for each piece, I started to draw little illustrations and marks that made me see or think of nature or something old fashioned. Things like flowers, shrubs, trees, grass, hearts, loopy accent marks, etc. I didn't know exactly how those little illustrations would play a part, but I knew they would come in handy further down the design process when I wanted to add little touches here and there.

After drawing for a bit, I started to look for farm illustrations for reference. From the get go, I knew that I wanted to incorporate farm animals in some way and I wanted the illustrations to look aged. I think over the years, I have developed a certain illustration style (insert 5 year old boy drawing here), and so I knew that what I could do myself would limit the outcome and overall experience of the invitation suite. I needed a style of illustration that was not my own. I found exactly what I was looking for on this wonderful site (which I am sure I have mentioned before) called The Graphics Fairy. It was there that I found adorable farm animal etchings that were perfect and free for personal use! Double win!

After that, things came together pretty nicely. I wanted the pieces to have a handmade feel, so I decided to hand draw all of the type...which I will admit, I was regretting this after a while. A cramped hand can be pretty painful. But looking back now, I'm glad I went the extra mile(s) because I think it really gives the suite an extra charm and makes it feel more it was made specifically for each person who received one of these invitations.

So-after all of the type was drawn and the animals were found, I began to piece everything together. As I predicted, those little illustrations came in handy and I was able to add them for extra little hints of country or vintage.

Even though I complained a lot (mainly to my fiance) about this project, it was pretty fun and cool to see it come together. It definitely helped me to learn a few things about myself; I was forced to compromise with myself, I was able to realize what my limits were, and I had to learn to pinpoint what was realistic when trying to achieve an idea I hold so dearly. The suite morphed into something corky and fun...and I liked that.

So...with that said, I hope you like it too and thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Fiance hated the pig...and still hates the pig, but I love that chubby little guy!


Imagery by Rebecca Wilson.