It's that time of year again, folks! The Ohio Renaissance Faire is up and running for the next 5 weeks! Freddy and I usually go at least once a year every year. This time, we decided to dress up again! Check out our snazzy costumes below. 

My dress was actually purchased at the faire last year. Freddy, on the other hand, made his entire costume! 

Although i did not make my costume I did, however, make this hairpiece! I bought all of the parts from Hobby Lobby. I simply hand stitched the jeweled medallion to the feather base bottom. I then hot glued a hair clip/barrette to the bottom of the feather base. 

Imagery by Travis Wilson/Rebecca Wilson

I had the beads lying around at home. Jewelry tools were used to cut and piece together the chain to the beads. 

If you haven't ever gone to the Renaissance Faire-you should definitely check it out! There are tons of little shops with items such as blown glass, handmade soaps, wax dipped flowers, jewelry, clothing, etc. The food there is also pretty good. Not to mention there are games, man powered rides and even live performances!