Well, it looks like Freddy and I (along with some close family and friends) will be traveling to Colombus for Comic Con this year! A flyer came in the mail (with my name on it-oddly enough), and so we figured, "Sure, why not!?!?" We have always wanted to check out either Comic Con or Dragon Con but they seem to always be sort of far away. We really lucked out this year-being that Comic Con is only a 2 hour ride from our house.

This will be my first ever nerd convention, and so I am pretty excited! I can't wait to see what costumes everyone will wear. I am brainstorming right now about what kind of costume I might wear...back in the day, I remember watching hours and hours of The X-Files...so I am thinking Dana Scully! I will have to be sure to make the extra large FBI badge that she always wore too! And what about the hair, you ask? Well, worry not friend! I have a red wig just sitting in my closet that I can cut and hopefully style (without melting it).


Badass Scully found here