Woah. The wedding isn't for another (nearly) 11 months and I am already starting to get a bit overwhelmed! For the past few months I have been (hard core) looking at wedding paper goods for inspiration. There. Is. A. Ton. Of. Stuff. Out. There. I am starting to realize that at some point, I just have to stop. I think I have finally hit that point, and I think realizing this will be my first step back towards mental sanity. 

Ok then-so, if you haven't figured it out already, I have decided to do this post on wedding paper goods inspiration (for invitations, RSVP cards, etc.)! Yay. What better way to cap off my research other than posting my findings, right? Right. So here goes...

So these first 3 are my ultimate favorites! I love the detailed illustrations and hand crafted type. I also really like the format of the pieces in the first image...but I am guessing this format will be a bit more pricy on postage. I think I may do something hand drawn like this for our invitations! :)


Alex & Joanna

Loseph & Charlotte

Josephine & James

These are really nice too! Again-the handmade quality of the first 2 is just beautiful. And the 3rd image is beautiful in it's simplicity. And, of course, the brown chipboard used in the 1st and 3rd is awesome! 

Boy & Girl

Laura & Steve

Nella & Thom

More handmade goodies! I especially thought the Ball Jar one was really cute. I think we are going to use jars of sorts as centerpieces for our reception tables. Hey-it's cheap and southern/country! Why not? 

Amy & Jasper

Ball Jars

Holding Hands in the Woods

Bob & Astred