I just finished up this collage over the weekend. It actually took me a little longer than I had anticipated-partially because it had been a while since I had done a collage (with the exception of the collage I recently did in my sketch-book-see blog post here). I actually found myself kind of nervous and frustrated while working on it which I guess is normal when you try to do something you haven't done for a while.  

Collecting imagery for this collage also took some time. For several reasons,when I do a collage, I like to go to thrift stores and scout out used (mainly children's) books. I have a great respect for books and when I buy them from a thrift store to use for a collage piece, I feel like I am not tearing them apart, but I am sort of giving them a new home, a new life and a new reason to live. These discarded and often abused books have a chance to be reincarnated and upcycled into something new...at least that is what I tell myself so that I can sleep at night!

The images you see below are from various books. One was called The Bobbsey Twins, another The Exaltation of Home and Family. I even used images from a small 'fit in your pocket' book called A Cornucopia of Aphrodisiacs! Can you guess which image was pulled from that book? :)

I was going to talk a little bit about the meaning of this piece, but I think I kind of want to leave it up to the viewer. I believe one could get several different messages out of this collage, which to me is partially the point of leaving the interpretation open ended. The meaning seems kind of obvious to me-but I was the one who created this collage so of course I would say that, right? What do you think it means? 


Imagery by Rebecca Wilson