For about a week or 2 now, I have been agonizing over the decision on whether or not to go see another Matt and Kim show. That should be a no brainer, right? Right. Well, this show is in Chicago which means it would be a little bit of a drive...and a little bit extra money. Well today, in an effort to win a $50 Dunkin Donut gift card (don't judge, they have the world's best blueberry coffee in existence), I tweeted this little bit:

 @ I'm waffling on wether or not I should go to a @ concert 300 miles away!  

Ok-so what is so special about this tweet? Well, I will tell you. This tweet ended up getting me a direct message from Kim! 

Just getting this simple message brightened my day so much! I remember when I went to their last show-I was completely amazed and just felt...pure energy and inspiration. It was truly an amazing feeling. And I think it's a feeling worth driving 300 miles on a bus for. :) I am going to that show in Chicago-even if I have to go by myself.