Well, in exactly 1 year from tomorrow, this is where my fiance and I will be married-the Hayloft Barn! I paid the deposit a month or 2 ago-so this is the real deal. (I know I did a blog post a while back about wanting to do it at the Wiedemann Mansion, but sadly-it is out of our price range.) We have decided to be a bit selfish with this wedding by cutting down the guestlist to about 100 people or less (well-that's all that this place will hold). Doing this, among other things, is going to allow us to take the 2 week Europe trip we have been wanting to go on since before we even got engaged (almost 4 years ago)-and it will allow us to NOT go into debt, which is something that is not that common. I just want to note how crazy this is-but Hamilton County Park Districts isn't even going to charge us a fee to rent the building. They only ask that we spend $600 or so in catered food (we have to use their catering)! How insane is that?

But eeek! I am too excited about this place. I plan on posting stuff from time to time within the next year. I am going to have my hands full, I think. Because I am a graphic designer, and because I am partially crazy, I plan on making and designing all of the print materials myself. Also-pretty much everything else will be handmade too. Gah! So much to do!