Lindsey, A dear co-worker of mine, had her last day at our company this past Friday. You may know her from her beautiful blog Lindsey Bee and if you don't, you should check it out! It's really cute.

But, Lindsey decided to pack up all of her things and move to Boston (well, right outside of Boston) in search of, well, whatever the universe has to offer, really. What a courageous and exciting thing to do! To give yourself to the world...and go wherever it may take you! How romantic!

As a going away gift, some collegues and I decided to give her some stationary and Moleskin journals. We thought this might be the perfect gift for her journey ahead! I decided to spice up the gift a little with some cute gift wrap and a handmade card. I love doing crafty things like this! I used imagery I found in some olf books I bought at the thrift store. The wrapping paper is actually just your standard brown craft paper and I used twine to accent it. The pinwas  given to me by my mother-in-law to be, along with a bunch of other junk jewelry that I use for crafts and art projects.

I hope she enjoyed recieving this gift as much as I enjoyed wrapping it and making her card! We wish you the best of luck, Lindsey! Go get em'.

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson