Sometimes I like to take a trip to Big Lots when I need a smile...and today was one of those days. I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but Big Lots has some of the craziest/wackiest food package design I have ever seen in one place (aside from somewhere massive like Jungle Jims). I mostly find the real good ones in the snack and candy isles. Sometimes the food packages don't even look like food packages at all and that, my friends, is the beauty of it. 

I have to admit-today was a little disappointing. I only found a couple that caught my eye. However, I did go to the nicer cleaner one located in Mason, Ohio so that's probably why. I usually go to the ghetto Big Lots near my house (Norwood, Ohio) and when I do, I am never displeased. :) 

But, check out today's Big Lots bringbacks. The first is a Big Ol Can of Whoop Ass! Ha. When I saw this in the store, I really did laugh out loud. There were people around that I could not bring myself to make eye contact with after laughing like a crazy person at a can of soda. Oh well. I especially like the tag line. 

The second one down is a box of oatmeal called Oat Heads! The illustrations remind me hardcode of something you would see straight out of a children's book. I am not really sure as to how the little characters really relate to the product...other than the fact that they have really interesting heads...?

The third one down is not as fun as the the first two, but it did catch my eye. I do like the circular vector flourishes...these types of illustration elements seem to be ever so trendy right now. I don't see this being a design element that will last much longer though. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's bringbacks! I had fun picking them out for purchase, and I am sure that my fiance will have even more fun eating and drinking them. Cheers!

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson