Ok, this is really strange but literally minutes after I posted my last entry about Airbnb.com, I came across this gorgeous info graphic that was created by Kelly Anderson. Kelly was hired by Airbnb to create this graphic to visualize the company's growth (and to celebrate their 1,000,000th night booked)! It is absolutely beautiful and so easy to digest as far as the readability and general understanding of what you are looking at goes. I think the organization, color and type choices and overall layout is wonderful!

Looking at this makes me hope that Airbnb will update their logo soon, though. I feel like their identity isn't really found in this poster (aside from the same color blue from the logo that is used throughout the graphic). I feel as though had the logo been updated/better designed prior-the identity could have been carried out a bit more within the poster.

On the other hand, I suppose Kelly could have used elements from the logo more to make the poster feel more like Airbnb owned it-BUT-the logo is not well designed and does not feel unique, and this obviously would have a negative effect on the overall design of the poster. I think she made the right choice. Sometimes as designers, we just have to go with what we have and make it work somehow...the best it can be-even if the situation is not 100% ideal.


Here are some detail/macro shots of the graphic: