Well-it took me a while to get to this post-but better late than never, I suppose! As you probably already know-after visiting with the fiance's family in texas, I went on a cruise with my best friend, Margaret! It was such a great experience!

The cruise started off in Miami, Florida. I actually met her on the boat. Ha-when I called her to find out where to meet her, the first thing I said into my cell phone was, "I'm on a boat!" And no-I am not so nerdy that I started all of the lyrics...

After we left from Florida, the ship took us to Key West. We got there early Tuesday morning. Because of money and time, we only did 1 excursion per city. Our excursion in Key West was a pub crawl-something I had never done before. Along with about 25 other cruisers and our guide, Bo, we traveled to 5 different bars on the island. This was pretty fun and we learned a bit of history about the island, too. We got to see Jimmy Buffet's recording studio, learned that there is over 300 bars on the island and that there is some kind of tree (for the life of me-I can't remember the proper name of it) that the locales have deemed the tourist tree-because it turns red and peels in the summer. Ha! Thanks, Key West.

But overall, Key West was beautiful and everyone there was extremely nice and friendly. I would love to just rent a house or condo and just stay there for a week sometime in the future. It was a really beautiful place to visit.  

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson 

These are a few of the bars we visited. I love the hand drawn type on the Flying Monkeys and Dirty Harry's! 


Im soaking up the hot hot sun in Key West!

Image by Margaret Moore

The next day of the cruise, Wednesday, we docked at Cozumel, Mexico! The water there was so clear and blue-I have never seen anything like it. Early that morning, I woke up and had coffee with breakfast outside on the deck as the boat made its way past surrounding islands. It was really a site to see!

The first thing Margaret and I did when we got there was scubba diving (our 2nd excursion)! This is also something I had never done and boy, what an experience this was! It was exciting for me because I have a slight fear of sharks and fish, in general. But-I overcame my fear and just did it-and I am so glad that I did! At one point there was a school of fish that passed us by (there must have been at least 1,000 fish all together!

Image by the excursion guide...?


After scubba diving, we took a taxi to downtown Cozumel to explore a bit. Although we were enjoying ourselves, I was a little disappointed while shopping. I had hoped to see more shops that were authentic but most of the ones we went to were very touristy-which I guess is to be expected. After all, Mexico is a very touristy place. But I got some cute trinkets and had a delicious strawberry margarita, so it's all good! 

So, to colnclude-my vacation was pretty cool, overall. I learned a lot about myself, had some incredible life experiences and got to hang out with my best girl all at the same time!