I just came across this video on the super awesome Brain Pickings website. If you are a creative thinker in any way at all what-so-ever, you can probably relate to this lecture and should check out the video below. I know in my own personal experience(s)-as a designer-I strive to find a balance between chaos and organization. The part that comes easiest to me is organization. I like setting goals for myself and breaking thigs down into more manageable chunks (which is probably why I love data design and the Container Store). But-I think this is also why I was so drawn to Scott's lecture-he speaks my language of organization and breaks down and dissects the creative process and how it works. He also shares with us an insight to the discipline and workings of others, which in itself in invaluable.

I would really like to check out Scott Belsky's book as well-it's called Making Ideas Happen. Seems like it would be a good read-and awesomely affordable. 

Scott Belsky: How to Avoid the Idea Generation Trap from 99% on Vimeo.