Ok-so, I usually don't do posts on health and beauty products, but hell-why not start? So-I picked up this spray from Sally Beauty Supply a few days ago because I was in desperate need of some kind of dry hair repair product. I blow dry and flat iron my hair almost every day-also, it is still winter time after all. These things, as you know, have a lousy affect on your hair after a while.   

I was very pleased to have had this product recommended to me by the sales girl. I tend to get nervous about buying products I haven't used before-so I am a firm believer in asking around about certain items. Let me tell you-this Turn Up The Heat leave in spray has done nothing but wonders for my locks. Before, my hair was very frizzy, dry, brittle and rough. Now it is super shiny, soft and healthy looking. So if your hair is suffering from a little bit of the winter blues or the ever so evil flat iron demons-then maybe you should give it a try. :) I don't think you will regret that you did.