Nicholas Feltron has a new annual report out! Instead of it being based on his own life, the 2010 report, as he described it on his website, summarizes his father's life. I had wondered why the content of the annual report had changed this year, and then noticed that on the 2nd to last image of the booklet-it says that his father's last day was in mid-September. I found it heartbreaking that (I am assuming) this report was designed around the memory of his father, but I also found it extremely admirable too. The thought that something so beautiful was completely fueled by data that Nicholas collected about his father whom he obviously cared a lot about-it's just captivating, to say the least. To me, this is visually the most beautiful report I think he has done yet. 

Anyhow, they seem to be selling pretty quickly, so visit his shop and snatch one up before they are all out! I hope to get my hands on a copy here soon. Enjoy.