So-I am pretty sure that I have mentioned in a prior blog post or two that I was working on re-doing/decorating our bedroom. Well, my friends-it is finally done.  I am extremely happy about this because it has taken me between 2 and 3 months. Working full time and taking care of a puppy and fiance has made it very hard to complete in a timely manner.

With that said, I am so very excited to share this bedroom design with everyone! If you know me personally, you know that I have never had a house of my own to decorate. So, technically (aside from some small updates in our kitchen), this is the first real room I have ever worked on. Because of this, I really feel as though this was great learning experience for me.:

  • I am a bit more handy with tools in general.
  • I feel as though I respect interior designers a lot more now than I did before. (They don't just buy a bunch of stuff, guys, and put it in a room and somehow it ends up looking pretty and cohesive. There is a real process to it-just like in every other area of design).  
  • My skill level in learning how to be super thrifty and crafty when it comes to saving money has probably increased by a minimum of 50%. On one hand, I hate the fact that we cannot afford to buy nicer things for our house (as much as I/we would like to). But-on the other hand, I really feel as though there is more of a process and an attention to detail with such tight restrictions. I also feel as though the chance to create a really original room design was at hand. I really was forced to break things down and challenged to figure out alternate solutions to solving problems when it came to a variety of things. For example, the yellow vase you see below (in the after pictures section)-that was made out of a glass taco sauce bottle. I shopped around a bit to try and find a vase or 2, but I could never find one I liked that wasn't crazy expensive. So I was forced make something that would work without spending a whole lot of money. The only ingredients for this vase was 3D puffy paint and yellow spray paint (the puffy paint was used to add texture to the vase).    
  • I have finally figured out how to properly thread a sewing machine by myself 

With all of that said, check out the before pictures below. It pretty much looks the same as when we first moved into our house. None of the furniture matches, the guts of the DIY platform bed are exposed, and the walls are as bare as the windows.


Bedroom Before Redesign:      

Wanting to redesign this room resulted in a ton of different projects. If I remember correctly, I:

  • repainted all of the walls and most of the trim (obviously)
  • completely refinished the 2 end tables
  • repainted nearly picture 10 frames
  • found/made artwork for nearly 25 picture frames
  • sewed curtains for 3 windows
  • sewed 2 skinny pillows
  • hunted down a new dresser on Craigslist (which will eventually be refinished)
  • hung all of the frames, the wall mirror, the 5 robe hooks, and the three curtain rods (all of that combined can be a day project in itself)
  • made a headboard from scratch
  • repainted the bed lamps


This is the color palette I began with when first trying to piece together the room.

Bedroom After Redesign: 



Bedroom Close-ups:

Each one of these pieces have a little story behind them. Wanna' hear? Either way-I am telling you. 

  1. I got this frame from Hobby Lobby. It was originally $8.00, but I hit the 1/2 off photo frame sale and got it for $4.00 instead. The artwork was a black and white clipping I found in a children's book (I find the best illustrations in children's books). I then layered watercolor paints to give it more deapth. I also clipped some literature from another children's book and added that. 
  2. As mentioned earlier-the vase is actually a taco sauce bottle. I used puffy paint to give it some texture and then spray painted it. The flowers are fake-also from Hobby Lobby. My Mamaw Lois gave the the cute doily(s).
  3. I made these skinny pillows out of some left over fabric. They have no real use other than being adorable. 
  4. This crazy awesome alarm clock was purchased at IKEA for $4.00. I love it! 
  5. These are Etsy prints that I bought especially for the bedroom. They were so different and unexpected-I was instantly drawn to them. Also, I felt as though it would add a little bit of a nature ambiance. I believe they are now sold out, but I got them from ColeGerst's shop. Neat stuff!
  6. I found this package design in a local Big Lots. They have some of the craziest designed packages I have ever seen (food products, that is). I love going there to see and buy food and snacks because the packaging strongly contrasts the normal food products that are found in mainstream American grocery stores. Believe it or not, it is a box of cheese crackers. How crazy is that!?! As dorky as it is-I had to frame this box of cheese crackers. 
  7. This is what I use for a dresser. I hang most of my clothes, so I thought this would be nice for the few things I don't hang. It is a bookshelf that was in the garage when we first moved in. I am not sure if it was hand made or was a manufactured product. I think it looks like it was handmade, but I could be wrong.
  8. A quote I liked and hand drew with Precise V5 Pens. When it comes to pens for sketching and drawing, I am a snobby bitch. I spend the extra $$ for the quality. Some white watercolors were used in this drawing as well.
  9. These bottles caps were found inside the walls of our house. We assume that they are the remnants of the construction workers' lunch breaks. Anyhow-they are beautiful and I framed them. 
  10. Blue frame = stamps from my childhood stamp collection. Black frame to the right = a fish flash card we found in the basement. It looks as though it could be 50+ years old. 
  11. This was also found in our house. It looks 1950's. I think it used to have a thermometer on it.
  12. This is a woodblock print that I purchased from an artist that came to NKU for a demonstration of his creative process. Sadly, I cannot remember his name (or make it out from his signature).
  13. Sigur Ros gig poster! 
  14. See artwork description listed in #1.
  15. See artwork description listed in #1.


Upcycling At It's Best:

These are our night stand lamps that I repainted. I also upcycled our end tables. You can see the before and after pictures of the end tables in one of my previous blog posts. Check them out! 

So-I hope you like our bedroom redesign. I know I sure do! It is by far my most favorite room in the house. I hope this inspires you to do some redesigning of your own. If you do-feel free to ask me for advice or help. I am no expert-but I do feel as though I have learned a lot through this process-and I am more than happy to share! Have a great night!