As most of you know, Valentine's Day is upon us. This year, I thought I would try something a little different-rather than the standard chocolates and a card. Through a co-worker, I happily stumbled upon The World's Smallest Postal Service. Oh, my-I am so glad that I did! 

The WSPS offers a variety of gifts to send to your loved one, but when I saw the miniature compass-it was a pretty evident to me as to which one would have the most meaning to Freddy. He is very good with direction and navigation in general, and when he travels he actually prefers to bring a compass along. I thought it especially charming that the compass came wrapped in a miniature newspaper clip with articles, cartoons and puzzles about all things miniature. In the tiny box along, with the wrapped compass, was a small fortune cookie sized piece of paper that read, "Where would I be without you?" Adorable.

So check out the website! They have a variety of products ranging from tiny letters to tiny letters to trade tokens. It's probably too late to order a gift now so that it may arrive by Valentine's day for that special someone, but do you know someone who has a birthday coming up? Or maybe Grandma is having a bad week, and you want to show that you are thinking of her. You really can't go wrong with this super thoughtful gift. 

Enjoy your weekend-and, of course, Happy Valentine's Day!