So-this post will conclude my raving about Austin!

The pictures below are of the East Side Showroom. Perhaps my most favorite place visited while in Texas. The interior had a very steampunkish atmosphere. Parts of it reminded me of the movie Wild Wild West (with Will Smith). I have to say, I absolutely fell in love with this joint! I often found myself just looking around, trying to take in all of the little details like the furniture, wall art, etc.. Even the women's restroom was magnificently decorated!

While there, a blues band called Pops Bayless was putting on a live show. I had never before seen a live blues show and after seeing this one, I can tell you it won't be my last! These gentlemen were very talented and I very much enjoyed their music.

This would be a really great place to hang out with friends and listen to good live music. They serve drinks and I think some food items, too.

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Isn't the artwork below beautiful!? It is the side of a shop called Tesoros which is located on South Congress Avenue. In this area-there are all sorts of other shops, restaurants and food carts. It was a really cute little area and great for people who are visiting the city who want to bring back gifts for family and friends.

The shops at South Congress are not the only things that are enjoyable-the signs, typography and the buildings themselves there are all really cool to look at too. One thing I can say for sure about Texas is that they have big signs everywhere...for restaurants, mainly. 

Photo by Rebecca Wilson.

Aside from a work related event held at Dimensional Fund Advisors, the final place I was fortunate enough to visit was Barton Creek Resort and Spa. What a beautiful place to go! The service there was impeccable and everyone was so polite and nice. Although the resort was quite large, it felt very homey and warm. The view from the room was amazing-overlooking endless hills and trees. It was quite breathtaking. 

This is actually a picture of a picture I took of a print in the room. 

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