While in Austin, I was lucky enough to be able to visit not 1, but 2 art museums! That's right! The first set of pictures below are works of art from the Mexic Arte Museum. This exhibition, titled Mix 'N' Mash, displayed works of art from over 200 hundred artists. Most of the pieces there were on 12"x12" panels. There were some sculpture, pottery, etc. pieces too.

Thanks to the Mexic Arte Museum-I feel like I was able to experience Mexican American culture more so than if I had gone without seeing this museum. The work there was so vibrant and enchanting-it was a really great experience. I enjoyed the simple act of walking through the museum itself. The floors screamed and creaked when I walked on them, and the seams and plaster on the walls were far from perfect. This place felt lived in and touched by the human hand. It felt warm...and although the space itself was fairly large, it was very intimate. The artwork itself, I believe, made the gallery feel that much more intimate. Being that most works were only 12"x12", you were forced to get close to what you were viewing.  

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Title: Bostrop, Artist: Sylvia Orozco

Title: Oyervides Corazon Picado, Artist: Omar Ali 

Title: Hay dos cosas sequras en la vida, la muerte y los impuestos. Artist: Debra Hines

Title: Party Down Pinata Monster, Artist: James Huirar

Artist info not available.

Untitled, Artist: Charles Saldana

Title: Yo Como Mojado, Artist: Franciaco Garcia

Imagery above by Rebecca Wilson (unless stated otherwise). 

The pictures below are of the Blanton Art Museum which was also located in downtown Austin (on the University of Texas campus). I enjoyed the Blanton for reasons different than that of the Mexic Arte Museum. I don't know much about architecture at all-but I can tell you that the building itself was beautiful, both inside and out. The high arches (inside and outside of the building) and the aqua/blue glass tiles near the entrance are details that are most memorable for me. 

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