What a weekend! Myself and some family folk drove over to Colombus for the Mid Ohio Comic Con this past Saturday! There was so much to see and do. This was my first Comic Con and so this was a completely new experience for me. Honestly, I'm not super into comics or super heroes but I still had a really great time.  

This is my uncle Larry. He likes to call this his 2 Headed Mad Scientist outfit/costume. In his spare time, he builds robots and he built this particular model a few years ago. The head is attached to a harness that wraps around his torso. He keeps a remote control in his pocket so that he can make it move and speak at the touch of a button. I have to say, he was like a rock star at Comic Con! Everywhere we went, people would ask for pictures and even hugs. At one point in time, there was a professional camera man following him around filming. It was crazy! 

Betty White versus Wolverine. Haha! 

There was a vendor set up with hundreds of different little Lego people. I wanted to buy one so badly, but the were very expensive!

I was talked into having my picture taken with the storm troopers. I too dressed up for the event. Can you tell who I am? I went as agent Dana Scully from the X-Files! It's probably hard to tell-the huge gun is blocking the view of my FBI badge. 

Fan art. 

The original Bat Mobile! Adam West was even there-signing autographs (for a very hefty fee).  

There was even a vendor with some steampunk merch. Very cool.

Check out this ceiling at the Colombus Convention Center! It slowly would change and morph into different colors. I couldn't stop looking at it.