Let me just say: WOW! I don't know of any other words to describe this concert other than wow. I have been to maybe 7 or so concerts in my whole life-2 of which were the Warpped Tour (where I saw many bands), and I have to say, Matt & Kim put on the best show I have ever seen. (This show happened to be at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland.) So you ask, what made this concert so special? Well, I will tell you:

  1. .Their music, first of all and of course, is wonderful. 
  2. .They look like they are having fun while performing...laughing, smiling, jumping around like crazy people.
  3. .They perform snipets of well liked songs from other artists in between their own songs. For example, they played (and Freddy loved this) Alice DJ's Do You Think You're Better Off Alone.
  4. .They dont just 'perform' for the fans. They interactively include them in the show...and pay attention to them.
  5. .At the end of the show-Matt did something that was a combination of crazy, dangerous, and really sweet. He jumped down into the crowd and shook hands with, huged, a said hi to anyone who wanted to say hi back. Now, of course, everyone was grabbing him and trying to latch onto him like a crazy person-and yet he smiled and was awesomely polite the whole time. Freddy and I watched this whole thing from afar...and in a slightly twisted way, it really made me respect the band even more.

So, with all of that said-if you like Matt and Kim, please, do yourelf a favor and catch one of their shows. There are few times I have ever felt more alive than I did when I was in front of that stage.

Imagery by Rebecca Wilson & Frederick Kuhlmann