Well hello again! As I mentioned in my last blog post, Fred and I just got back from Cleveland yesterday. Just for fun, I thought I would do a post about my bringbacks from the area. These are just little things I picked up here and there during the trip.

The whole reason we went to Cleveland was to see a Matt & Kim concert! While there, I grabbed a few promo cards that were advertising other local shops, etc. I always like to collect these things when traveling to other cities or places. When I need good visual inspiration for a new project and/or am just trying to think of a good idea for a project-these types of visual aides help me generate ideas.

Something else I brought back with me was, of course, toys! Fred and I traveled to a part of Cleveland called Coventry. It was there that we found a toy shop called The Big Fun Toy Store. This place was amazing! It had toys literally from the floor to the ceiling! Toys that were old, new, and toys that you thought you would never see again as an adult. It was amazing. Although there is so much that I wanted to buy, I only allowed myself to spend $10 bucks or so. So I left with some funny mini gum packets, a scooter that Fred picked out, and a small Barbie action figure-all of which we added to our shadow box collection of junk at home!