So I was grocery shopping and came across this cute little packet of Justin's Almond Butter in the super duper healthy organic section in Wal-Mart (you know-the section that is about 3 feet wide and practically non-existent). Now, admittedly, I did purchase this cute little thing because of the awesome design, but also I purchased it because I have been wanting to try almond butter for a while now.

Ok, so back to the design-wow! I love it! Of course-first off-I was drawn to it because of the handmade typographic treatment. Come to think of it-the last package design piece I posted was all organic lemonade product and it also had a strong evidence of the hand design treatment. With that said, I have noticed a lot of packaging using this sort of style. It is becoming more and more trendy not only in package design, but in other areas of design as well.

Secondly, I thought this was a good design piece to share because of the message it sends. It is a quick read-immediately I understood what this food product was. It is straight to the point-nothing flashy...a what you see is what you get type of approach. The back of the package is just as amazing (despite all of the required food nutrition facts, barcode, etc. I love 2 diagrams that instruct you how to handle the packet. They are not contained and feel very free-which reflects the nature of the package in general.

Ok, I think I will go try this butter of the almond now. Happy day!