Ok, we have needed some fridge magnets for a very long time-so, I decided to make some. There is a special place in my heart for 1950's package/product design/pop culture (not to mention-our kitchen is very retro), so I used some images that I had already pulled over the past few years. I printed them out on my Epson ink jet printer (80lb text weight, for you design dorks). I then used Neutral PH Adhesive to adhere the peices of paper to small wooden shapes that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. After that, I used the same adhesive to put a top coat on the printed side of the paper. I then simply glued magnets (that I also bought at Hobby Lobby) to the back sides of the pieces of wood. Above are pictures of some of the magnets. I would have posted more but the lighting isn't exactly great in the kitchen... Enjoy!