O wow! Something amazing and exciting happened last night on my date night with Fred. We wanted to do something different, so we hopped in the car and Fred surprised me by taking me to this awesome shop called "The Shop @ 2801"on Desales Corner (Cincinnati) where they sell handmade crafts. The work in there was amazing! (Click here to check it out). We then walked down the street a bit and wound up at the Manifest gallery. As it turns out, Chris Sickles was there for an opening! It's even more strange because it was just 2 weeks that ago that I was telling Fred how much I admired his work (I have followed him here and there for a couple years now). Check out his work here.

But wow-so I managed to squeeze in and get his autograph! He was such a nice man-and very down to Earth. For everyone that he signed autographs for-he drew them a little sketch. How awesome and thoughtful is that? Mine somewhat looks like he is throwing his hands up-after throwing up. Ha. I love it.

But after speaking with him about his own work, I think I have the courage and motivation now to get out there and do some probono work. I love my job now, but often feel restricted in the creativity that goes into my work. The only way I think I will be able to grow as a deisgner and feel good about what I do is to help others in need-even if that means little to no pay. I have a good feeling about this. :)