This was a little project I did last night to add a little character to our kitchen. Even though I have already posted pictures of the kitchen as being "finished", I still feel like it could use a few things here and there.

Anywho-the frame/shadow box you see is one that I got for about $.60 at Hobby Lobby nearly 3 or 4 years ago right after Christmas-it was part of the Christmas craft department. (I have kept it all these years, knowing that I would eventually have a use for it)! Hobby Lobby always have killer deals on Christmas items if you wait a couple weeks after the holiday passes. To get the white washed effect, I watered down some acrylic paint and unevenly coated the unfinished frame. I then covered a piece of poster board with some leftover fabric that I love. After that, I took an old cork-back crush pop cap and adhered it to the fabric with some fabric glue. All in all, this project only took me about 15 minutes. It is very cute and adds a little more to the kitchen. Next-I think I will make a little cover to go around the base of the bakers rack (I really hate that thing).