When my fiance and I moved into our new house, we quickly discovered that the previous owners left all kinds of old treasures for us! This vintage serving cart happened to be one of those little treasures. When I found it, I was doing laundry in the basement, and to the right of the washing machine was this rusty gray cart with all kinds of old bottles and such on top of it. For months, I did laundry down there and never even noticed it. Then one day, for no reason in particular, i pulled the cart out and immediately realized all the potential it had. I started sanding it down-trying to get it as smooth as possible but had a lot of trouble-for various reasons. So, I took it over to my Papa's house (he does repainting and stuff all of the time). He worked on it for about 4 or so days and completely finished sanding it and painting it for me! When he brought it over, I was so excited-I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve again!

But, above is the finished product. I am sad to say that I did not take a before picture-but let me tell you, it really looked like a piece of crap! Snapping shots before starting a new project is something I need to work on doing from now on. But the cart is pretty much finished for the most part-still need to put a few coats of finishing spray on it. I look forward to one day, when my studio space/room is fixed up and redesigned, coming home and grabbing a magazine or such off of it-sitting down and relaxing!

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