Whenever I make spaghetti-I fight myself on whether or not to throw away the jar. Most times, I just chuck it because I don't know what the hell to do with it. Well, I was checking out the Design Sponge Blog last night and saw this cute little project where they took scrap-booking paper and adhered it to lids of food jars using Mod Podge-and that's pretty much it! This gives the jars a fun and decorative look.

Above are pictures of 2 jars that I just made. I am going to give the one with the blue flowered lid to my mother for Mother's Day (I filled it with her favorite candies). I thought this was a perfect little gift because it's adorably cute and it literally cost me only what I spent on the candy inside. (I had all of the supplies here at home already-Mod Podge, ribbon, scrap-booking paper, hot glue gun, brushes, exacto knife, self healing/cutting mat).