This is something I hand crafted for my wedding (whenever that may be)! These small boxes would be placed with each place card at our reception. They would contain mine and my fiance's favorite treats inside for the guests to enjoy. The boxes are cheap paper mache boxes purchased from Hobby Lobby. The curly line work was hand drawn by myself with a ball point pen. The fringe on the rim of the lid was purchased at Michales (they often have ribbon on sale for $1.00 a roll) and the small blue bird was also purchased there. Unfortunately, when I went to order more of the birds-the design was discontinued. :( Hopefully by time we really do tie the knot, I will have found something similar to these little country-ish blue birdies. But total cost for these a piece would probably run me about $1.00 each (with the mache boxes and blue birds having been on sale).