Ok. So. I am a graphic designer, so I am allowed to be geeky and photograph package designs and other print materials. With that said, this is a bottle of tasty lemonade that I picked up at Whole Foods Market. I know exactly why I was drawn to this bottle in particular-because everything is hand drawn. (I tend to incorporate a lot of hand drawn elements into my own design work, and craft projects too). The fact that everything on this bottle is hand drawn is perfect for this concept-the product being organic and natural. Also-seeing the illustration of the grandmother makes me think of children...which would/could lead back to the hand drawn type.  On another side note, when I think of making lemonade from scratch-I think of the labor that goes into it. The use of your hands crushing the lemons...adding the sugar and ice...stirring the mixture. All of these different conclusions can and do point back to the clever use of the typography with this piece.

I also believe I am drawn to this piece because I like things that are old or have a vintage type feel. The color palette here, to me, screams nostalgia-not to mention the picture of little ol' grandma there! But the colors are somewhat faded and not at all bold. The texture applied also suggests a sense of being old and or worn.

But-I could go on and on about this design. It is very lovely. You should pick it up sometime if you happen to be in a Whole Foods store. It's very tasty!