I live for bargain shopping and am usually pretty good at it. Thanks to my 'thriftiness', I have found myself buying ugly things and then altering them to look cool. This gives me little projects to do when I get bored, and still allows me to be creative in a productive, money saving way.

About a month ago, I purchased the cheapest, plainest clock I could find at Wal-Mart. (I think total with tax, it was about $4.oo). I took the protective plastic face off of the clock, measured the distance from one side of the clock to the other and created a template for what would be the new face of the clock. After I measured everything out and had my circle template, I started adding some hand-drawn type for the numerals (something I absolutely love). Also, in the center of the clock where the hands would operate, I did some more drawing with circles and lines. I then spray painted the hands to give it a pop of color. And there you have it! What was once a $4.00 clock now looks like a super sweet modern time teller.