Thanks for popping over to my corner of the interwebs and hanging out for a bit. I'm always happy to have guests.

So if you didn't guess already, Becca is my name. I live in the charming city of Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm most inspired in my home studio that used to serve as the community t.v. repair shop. When I'm not designing super sweet stuffs, you'll likely find me sketching, painting, or animating.

I'm a traveler, I want to go everywhere! Fact: I rarely take a trip without sending at least 1 postcard. I really like to read novels. I'm an avid podcast listener...they help broaden my mind, give me inspiration, and help me to feel more connected with the world around me. And I could not live without coffee and tea. I've got big dreams of owning a scooter one day. A miniature Buddy toy model sits on my desk for now (can you see it in the photo above?) One day, though, I'll have a life sized scooter! :)